A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine commissioned me to make him a  fabric chess board that would also double up and hold his chess pieces too. So, the other day I set to it and voila…. here is the finished article! Please excuse my chess pieces they’re a little on the creative side!

The chessboard itself is just a simple checkered cotton fabric, then on the back there is some crazy cats as I happen to know Tom is particularly fond of freakish felines. Inside is a piece of black felt, to give it some weight and then it’s all sewn together and bundled up with some black ribbon.

But before I send it off to Tom, over in Seattle,  here are some photos to show how if fastens up to hold the ‘chess pieces’ inside.

1. Place your chess pieces in the center of the board, with the ribbon tie at the bottom left:


2. Fold the bottom half of the board up over the chess pieces so they are snuggly tucked away and so you have some upside down cats in front of you:

3. Now fold in the left side, followed by the right side, so the side with the ribbon is slightly overlapping and on top:

5. Take the ribbon and pass each strand around the back and back to the front. Give it a good tug to tighten the opening and secure with a bow:

All done and ready for your next game of chess. This little gem could pop in your bag and be an excellent accompaniment to a train trip, rainy cafe afternoon or an ultimate …i’m at the top of a mountain playing chess scenario!

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