The Final Stages of the Collaborative African Quilt

It’s finished! In another blog I wrote about the beginnings and middles of a collaboration quilt and now it’s time for the ends!

A quick recap – David in Edinburgh had a stash of African Fabric which he cut up on mass into hundred of little squares.

These were then posted down south to me where they were sewn and stitched and sewn again.

Then with brown paper wrapped around, it was handed back to the postman and trundled up to Edinburgh.

Here it was laid on top of some cotton wadding and backing and quilted with lovely big hand stitched lines.

It’s final voyage down south to where theĀ  finishing flourishes were added and it could be photographed and uploaded to the here and now.

The final resting place for this beauty is in a wonderful hostel in Bulgaria. So if you want to snuggle with it, then you’ll have to travel out there and book into a tree house.

If you’re interested in doing a collaborative quilt where you can decide on the amount of involvement you have then please do get in touch at

Happy Days!

One thought on “The Final Stages of the Collaborative African Quilt

  1. It does look beautiful. We have a load of old sheets and pillowcases. I wonder if that would work?

    Or my old work shirts?

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