Keep your Tea Cosy

Whether its the wonder of a pot of golden red Rooibos, or the fragrance of an Earl Grey, the elegance of Lapsang, the exotic Moroccan Mint or the down to earth steady support of the English Breakfast Tea; the pot that is brewed, served and sipped is one of life’s simple joys.

At Fabricated I’ve made a myriad of Tea Cosies, to support the job of the pot in nurturing the flavors within.

The Tea Cosy’s first recorded use was back in 1867 when the Duchess of Bedford bought about the fashion of afternoon tea, too much chatter and gossip would let the tea chill and so it was the job of the Tea Cosy to let the chitter chatter continue.

Not only is a Tea Cosy there to keep your tea warm, but it can also bring real colour to the occasion or create a talking point or simply be something to gaze at while you inhale the deep benefits of that all important cuppa.

Have a look at the Fabricated Tea Cosy’s below and be inspired to create your own. Alternatively, I have a number of the Fiesta Tea Cosies in stock and for a mere £25, the little beauty will serve you well. Fabricated also is open to commissions, so if you have an idea in mind for a birthday, a wedding or your own kitchen and want it bought to life, please contact me at

One thought on “Keep your Tea Cosy

  1. All praise the tea cozy. Bravo! We have one and we love it – its the only one I could find anywhere that was big enough for our biggest teapot!

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